Should I Wear Makeup While Pregnant?

Beauty is an essential need for women, but beauty during pregnancy makes many pregnant women worried because it can affect the health of their children. The question is: Should pregnant women wear makeup? And how will makeup be good?

When pregnant should or should not beauty?

When pregnant, you must become more and more beautiful, although your skin may be beautiful sometimes, sometimes not beautiful. This is due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Makeup now plays an important role to help pregnant women feel confident about their appearance and feel happier, so that the stresses at work and life are gradually relieved.

How to beautify properly

Right and wrong in beauty is a very wide range, can not be applied to each specific case. But to be beautiful in pregnancy, pregnant women need to be selected because beauty is also related to the health of the baby in their tummy.

Today, science is very developed, researchers also launched specialized products for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. These products are derived from nature, do not affect the health of pregnant women and their unborn babies. Therefore, during pregnancy, a mother can completely be beautiful.

However, when choosing beauty cosmetics during pregnancy you should note the following:

  • Please choose cosmetics from reputable brands, with natural origin.
  • Consider using hand made cosmetics because you cannot be sure that cosmetics do not contain chemicals (unless your hands are made from natural products such as coconut oil, Gac oil).
  • Carefully read the cosmetic usage guide before using because most cosmetics of natural origin have little (or no) preservatives, so the time to use these cosmetics is very short. Pregnant women must not “regret” but use it for a long time.
  • Should not have plastic surgery, inject fillers, botox into the body for beauty. This action extremely affects the fetus.

Beauty is an essential need of women, the beauty here not only serves your needs but also shows your respect for those around you. Therefore, even when pregnant, always keep yourself a beautiful, confident appearance as possible.