Beauty Secrets During Pregnancy

The joy of pregnancy is very easy to be shaken by many other concerns about the rapid change of beauty and appearance when having a baby. The ant’s waistline has disappeared, I still have to suffer from ugly stretch marks, melasma and worsening of leg edema, etc. Complete secrets of beauty during pregnancy.

Skincare during pregnancy

Stretch marks

90% of pregnant women experience stretch marks. The stretch marks caused by the mother’s skin do not match up to the mother’s rapid dizzy weight gain during pregnancy.

Stretch marks are the culprit that greatly distresses mom by their appearance. But do not worry too much mom when she has a tutorial tube on how to reduce, open cracks during pregnancy just below.

To limit the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, firstly, the mother needs to control her weight gain scientifically and rationally during pregnancy. Adjusting your weight will help minimize stretch marks. At the same time, I need to find ways to reduce stretch marks such as using natural foods with high safety to increase skin moisture such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, …

Other skin problems

In addition to the problem of stretch marks, pregnant mothers are faced with dry skin, acne, melasma, … The reason is due to hormonal changes in the body. To avoid these skin conditions, pregnant women need to use a sunscreen with a safe ingredient, avoid sun exposure within 10-4 hours a day and use cosmetics. Skincare from nature.

Stay in shape during pregnancy

Experts suggest that a healthy weight gain for pregnant women is 10-12 kg during pregnancy, of course, for those who are underweight or overweight, the weight gain during pregnancy will have an increase in various reduction.

Pregnant women often have the psychology of “eating for two”, so uncontrolled eating leads to horrible weight gain throughout pregnancy. This is absolutely not good, it can leave a series of consequences for mothers and fetuses such as stretch marks, difficulty in birth, premature birth, birth by surgery, … Of course, mothers can not fast, squeeze. balanced by the lack of substances that have a significant effect on the health of both mother and fetus.

A healthy diet, full of science groups necessary for healthy mothers, child comprehensive development is essential. Combined with regular exercise and exercise, mom can control her weight always at a reasonable level.

Beauty during pregnancy

Quite a lot of opinions advise mothers to avoid makeup during pregnancy because it will affect the baby, causing the child to be born unfortunate, … Actually, the makeup during pregnancy is not too abstinent as mothers often listen to other mothers’ rust. Mother is still allowed to beautify during pregnancy to confidently meet people of course, properly beauty, mother.

Besides makeup helps to increase the confidence and radiance for the mother, it is extremely important to look after yourself for this time. Because if the mother during pregnancy is interested in caring for her appearance, she will be less strenuous in regaining the body of her son after giving birth.

There are notes for pregnant mothers in beauty during pregnancy that mothers need to remember. Do not wear heavy makeup, avoid using foundation instead of BB cream, do not use matte lipstick or any type of lipstick containing lead, do not use perfume, remove makeup thoroughly, especially without nail polish and hair dye during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and it will be even more wonderful if you know how to take care of yourself so that you can confidently shine every time, even in your pregnancy.

The Secret to Choosing a Dress for a Pregnant Bride

The Secret to Choosing a Dress for a Pregnant Bride

A wedding day is the great day of a woman’s life, so everyone wants to become beautiful and most charming. If you are pregnant and looking forward to the upcoming wedding day, please check out the following notes!

The mistake of the bride is often less suitable wedding dress choice to wear on the wedding day while your belly is getting bigger. In fact, if you are a little observant, many wedding dresses are suitable for pregnant brides. You can completely become both beautiful and beautiful, you can cover your perfect pregnancy with the following tips

Choose a wedding dress close to the wedding day

You need to know that the pregnant belly will get bigger each month so if you choose a wedding dress too early, it will be difficult to wear a beautiful dress on the big day of your life. To avoid the situation of having to repair a skirt many times, you should choose the wedding dress as close to the wedding day as possible. This way you only need to fix one wedding dress to fit the body.

Belt at waist

Choose a small belt tied on the upper waist so that your body will become more fit and slim. This belt still respects the curves that remain on the pregnant bride’s body, making you not feel like you’re round or too fat.

In addition, the delicate silk belts also contribute to creating fancy accents for the wedding dress

Choose short wedding dresses

In fact, short wedding dresses are quite suitable for pregnant brides because they are both luxurious and modern. When wearing a short wedding dress, the viewer will focus more on the slender legs of the bride so that it is limited to the second round.

In addition, short wedding dresses also help you move more easily, do not stumble, cool especially on hot summer days.

Do not wear heels

Pregnant brides should not wear high heels. During the wedding, you will have to travel quite a lot to receive guests and chat with people so choose for yourself a pair of sandals with moderate height and comfort with your feet.

A pair of too high sandals with a fluttering long skirt will be difficult for you to walk around the banquet table. Therefore, for the safety of the baby and the bride you should choose high heels with a height of not more than 7 cm.

Pay attention to the comfort factor

A big belly and pressure from the wedding day will make the bride unable to escape the stress of anxiety. You should not choose wedding dresses that hug too closely, creating an uncomfortable feeling of being awake. Try to choose a dress that puts less pressure on the abdomen to make the bride feel more confident on the wedding day.

Therefore, from the time you try on the skirt, you should put the comfort factor on top to select the appropriate skirt. Also, try standing up to sit down to see if it’s really comfortable and whether the skirt is putting any pressure on the baby?

7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps1

7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps

To make the eyes always beautiful, only make up can help you. However, not everyone can make up for their beautiful eyes. Understanding your concerns, I immediately introduce 7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps to make your eyes more beautiful.

Prepare the props

  • Beige, pink eyeshadow
  • Bronze eyeshadows
  • Eyeliner / skin
  • White eyeliner
  • Brown eyebrow pencil, or color suitable for your hair
  • Fake eyelashes and eyelashes
  • Mascara7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps1How to makeup beautiful eyes naturally

    Step 1: Apply chalk to the eyes For those who just know how to make up, be careful not to choose too bright pastels like purple, blue … but choose bright pastel colors to keep your eyes vibrant and bigger. First, use a beige eyeshadow to cover the entire eye, following the dotted line shown in the drawing below, spread the chalk out evenly and spread evenly.

    Step 2: Apply chalk to the eyelids After applying the powder, continue to apply pink powder to the eyelids and close to the eyelashes to make the color on the eyelashes darker.

    Step 3: Create depth for the eyes Use a copper eyeshadow to apply a little depth to the eyes. Use a bronze brush to brush the eyelid across the eyelid from the middle of the iris to the bottom of the eye (following the line below the figure). You should pull out the eyelids a bit to create glamor and make your eyes look bigger.

    Step 4: Eyeliner Eyeliner, you use the eyeliner to draw a long and accurate line from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye (the thin line at the head and tail, wide in the middle or the area near the pupils). Note: For big or small round eyes, the key point is at the tail of the eye, if you line the eye part the thinner the eye is bigger, clearer and vice versa.This is also an important part of the eye makeup. We introduce to you.

    Step 5: Apply chalk to the lower eyelid of the eye After finishing the eyeliner, use a solid color eyeshadow to blend into the lower eyelid, about 1/3 of the eyelid pulled toward the tail. This approach will create more attractive points for your eyes.

    Step 6: Use a white pencil to gently paint on the eyelids To make your eyes naturally beautiful and sparkling, use a soft, white pen to gently fill up the lower half of your lower eyelid. Doing so looks at your eyes very deeply and catches wonderful light.

    Step 7: Makeup your eyebrows If you have long and beautiful eyelashes, skip this step. So the eye makeup is done, you just need to pay attention to your eyebrows a little bit more. You draw the eyebrows very well and match the eye color makeup.

How to Makeup Attractive to Men

How to Makeup Attractive to Men

As a woman, everyone wants to become sparkling when outside. However, it is not easy to have a beautiful and sparkling white face when walking around the city, hanging out with friends or attending a party …

How beautiful natural makeup sparkling

Step 1: Wash your face before applying makeup Before applying makeup, you must clean your face, you can wash your face with a facial cleanser, then dry your face.

Step 2: Determine skin type and choose makeup cream This is considered one of the most important steps of natural makeup, deciding the success or failure of this makeup is determining the skin type of your skin, to choose the right makeup cream. Normally our face skin falls into 3 categories: oily skin, dry skin, oily skin and dry skin.

Oily skin: This is the most distinguishable type of skin, after you have finished washing your face for about 15 minutes, your skin will be shiny and visible in the pores. For this type I recommend you to choose oil-free primer, but for chalk powder, you should use tiny pollen particles because it helps absorb slime quickly and cover pores very well.

Dry skin: You should choose a foundation and foundation cream with high moisturizing and moisturizing properties because it is easy to peel off when it is dry. You also do not need to apply makeup.

Oily and dry skin: Oily skin on the nose and other areas such as cheeks, skin. In my opinion, you should use two makeup creams again.How to Makeup Attractive to Men

Step 3: Apply a primer cream first Apply primer, before proceeding to the makeup remedy you should apply the cream to the face.

Step 4: Apply foundation After finishing the primer, wait 2 to 3 minutes for the cream to absorb, then proceed to apply foundation. Currently on the market there are many types of foundation, so when buying cream you should try the cream that is suitable for your skin by applying the cream on the side of the jaw on the observed face to see if it is appropriate.

After selecting the right foundation, you dab cream on the face and spread it evenly across the face. Note that using a little foundation is just a reminder for those who are learning how to apply natural makeup.How to Makeup Attractive to Men

Step 5: Apply concealer to your face

Step 6: Brush the powder

How to makeup naturally beautiful, use a chalk brush, use makeup brushes to gently brush the hands

Step 7: Eyeliner Eyeliner, notice you apply a little cream to the eye area, use your hand to beat, then choose a brown eyeshadow to paint on the eye sockets, then use the brush to blend naturally. Finally, use an eyeshadow brush to draw very thin eyebrows. Use a clip to curl lashes and apply mascara to comb lashes evenly.

Step 8: Draw the eyebrows Create an eyebrow shape that matches the face and draws a thin line. Draw lead according to the available line. Using a light pen to draw hight light under the eyebrow helps to sharpen the hair.

Step 9: Brush the blush Use powder on 2 cheekbones. Note that you should brush at least ignore it, use the brush to apply all over the cheek.

Step 10: Apply lipstick Before applying lipstick, apply a little moisturizer on your lips to keep your lips dry and always beautiful. Choose lipstick that suits your face and pastel makeup.