The Secret to Skin Care for Pregnant Women

The Secret to Skin Care for Pregnant Women

A lot of changes are made in the mother’s body during pregnancy. One of the most dramatic changes is that the skin becomes dull, dark, and dull. So how to take care of skin for pregnant women effectively without affecting the baby? Let’s join the following article “hunting” for very useful tips

1. Skin care for pregnant women with acne

Hormonal changes make mother’s skin break out in pimples, look un-aesthetic and make mom feel inferior. At this point, you need to persistently change your habits and diet to effectively nourish your skin. Here are a few things you can consider:

Clean your face regularly

You should wash your face often throughout the day, fixed in the morning and at night with diluted salt water. If you are too busy, you can choose a diluted saline solution, available from pharmacies. Washing the face with salt water is very benign, helping mothers to cleanse the surface of the skin, disinfect and reduce acne significantly.

Get rid of the habit of touching your face

At the same time, many pimples appear at the same time that worries the mother and often touches her face with her hand. This is a bad habit that can spread acne and worsen it, become susceptible to infection, spread to other locations, and leave dark scars.

Spot the pimples with lemon juice

You just squeeze ½ lemon to get water, then use a cotton swab to absorb and apply on the pimple. Every day you should dot continuously 4-5 times and carefully shielded when going out, do not let your skin get sunburned!

Use kola to treat acne

Gotu kola is one of the indispensable ingredients when caring for pregnant women . Gotu kola is very benign and safe, contains many effective nutrients such as Saponin, Asiatic Acid, … which are capable of stimulating the tissues under the skin to regenerate, pushing out acne.

You just need to take the handful of cheeks washed, remove the roots and soak them with salt water, then puree and squeeze the water to apply to the acne. Applying consistently will reduce the uncomfortable swelling and acne skin quickly.

Stop using cosmetics

Pregnant mothers are often not encouraged to use cosmetics, especially mothers with acne. Therefore, you should stop using cosmetics including makeup removers, face cleansers, synthetic masks … to avoid allergies. If using, consult your doctor and choose to buy benign products, natural extracts like organic cosmetics!

2. Skin care for pregnant women with acne

After dealing with the obsession of acne, pregnant mothers have to face with the bruise left by acne if they are not cared for well. Experts advise mothers to use natural ingredients, benign, clear ingredients to fade dark spots during pregnancy. The following are ideal suggestions:

Turmeric starch

Turmeric starch is the “miracle” of women, extremely effective for pregnant women. Turmeric starch helps you have smooth, acne-free skin, does not darken and improves the digestive system.

Mom can choose to drink turmeric starch with a little honey and warm water or apply turmeric powder mask with honey. Turmeric also helps mothers to overcome stretch marks very well.

When using turmeric to drink, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the content. Do not overdo it, it will cause negative consequences and adversely affect the fetus. Ideally mothers should only drink a 200ml cup of warm water with 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder in the morning. Do not drink in addition to other meals of the day.


Aloe vera has cool properties and many moisturizing nutrients, nourishing the skin from within. Mom can use aloe vera juice to make a mask or apply aloe vera directly on the skin to clear blemishes. When using, you should wash and peel thoroughly, not to let the remaining aloe vera peel cause itching and sensitivity on the skin.

Aloe vera mask will work better if you combine it with fresh milk or sugar-free yogurt.

3. How to take care of stretch marks after giving birth at home

Stretching is always the first obsession of pregnant mothers. Because during pregnancy, you need to eat a lot to supplement nutrition for the fetus. A heavier fetal weight causes the skin to stretch and cause cracks. Mom is prone to stretch marks in skin areas such as buttocks, abdomen, thighs … Stretch marks are difficult to heal and need a lot of effort to recover.

Many opinions advise mothers to apply cream or oil to treat stretch marks. However, mothers should pay attention to choosing appropriate products, benign and quality sources. Some commonly used oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, pistachio fat … These are all effective ingredients, provide good moisture, and prevent skin from itching and discomfort. You just need to massage with the above oils 1-2 times a day will limit stretch marks.

When massage, mothers should pay attention to apply from under the abdomen up, avoid applying circles that will endanger the baby.

4. Note when using cosmetics during pregnancy

Skin care pregnant women need to use sunscreen

In fact, very few cosmetic products are allowed during pregnancy. However, mothers should still maintain the basic skincare step of applying sunscreen before going out. Sunscreen is an essential protective film to prevent mothers from symptoms such as pigmentation, darkening and darkening.

When using sunscreen, mothers should also be cautious and should note the following:

  • Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher
  • Only choose creams with mineral ingredients or physical sunscream, do not choose to use products containing oxybenzone because it will affect the weight of the fetus. In addition, oxybenzone and avobenzone are substances that adversely affect the hormones of pregnant women.
  • Mom should apply sunscreen from 2-3 hours / time or more if she has to go out regularly and get a lot of sun exposure.
  • Sunscreens containing titanium dioxide are often found in the form of spay creams. When pregnant mothers spray this sunscreen, if inhaled the product’s water jet will harm the health of mother and baby.
  • In particular, you should avoid choosing a non-nano type sunscreen because these products contain a lot of zinc diffusing UV rays. You should note that choosing sunscreen ingredients containing minerals will be safer for your health.

Sunscreen is really necessary for pregnant mothers. Due to pregnancy hormones, mothers are more prone to acne due to oily skin. So, mothers should choose an oil-free sunscreen that helps alkaline skin and is always dry, not uncomfortable, especially not causing acne.

Remove make-up before bed – a simple way to care for pregnant women

Although it is just a form of daily sunscreen, pregnant mothers should remove makeup before going to bed. Make-up remover will help remove the oil layer on the skin and the chemicals that are deposited under the bristles. As a result, skin will have air to breathe and recover better when sleeping.

Use a cleanser made from natural ingredients

One of the ways of skin care for pregnant women is indispensable to wash your face. You should choose to wash with milk containing natural ingredients such as green tea leaves, herbal essential oils … The cleansing step is usually done immediately after removing makeup.

After removing make-up, mom gently washed her face under cold running water. Massage your face clockwise to smooth and firm your facial muscles.

When washing her face, she should note:

  • Choose a cleanser with natural ingredients like aloe vera, oats and essential oils.
  • Choose to use a cleanser for the purpose of cleansing the skin, not choosing products with whitening properties or acne treatment. Because most of this cosmetic group contains accutane, retin-a or tetracycline, it is easy to harm the fetus.

Moisturize skin with toner

To have beautiful and smooth skin during pregnancy, you should cleverly combine moisturizer with toner. If your face is dry or oily, the toner is still an essential product. Toner helps provide enough moisture to keep mother’s skin healthy and repels dark spots.

However, mothers should not choose an alcohol-containing toner that will irritate sensitive skin, especially the first months of pregnancy.

Natural masking

During pregnancy, moms can take a little time to nourish their skin with masks with natural ingredients. Applying a mask is both relaxing and providing essential nutrients to the skin. Some natural masks are beneficial for pregnant women such as:

Milk, turmeric and honey mask

The main ingredient of this mixture is turmeric. This is a mask that helps smooth, healthy skin and especially cures hormonal bruises.

Aloe mask

Use fresh aloe vera, peel it off and cut it into thin slices, then apply it to the skin within 5 minutes. In the end, you just need to rinse your face to see that your skin is much smoother and softer.

Egg yolk and honey mask

You use egg yolks mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey and then apply evenly on your face. Leave the mixture on your skin for 10 minutes, then rinse your face thoroughly. Apply regularly, your skin will be white and pink and smooth like a peeled egg.

Apply moisturizer to your face before going to bed

Skin care for pregnant women must include the step of applying lotion before bed. Applying a cream is usually the last step to complete the skincare routine, ensuring your skin is hydrated and recovers well at night.

You should rely on your skin type to choose a cream. If you have dry skin, a cream with a high consistency should be used. Conversely, mothers with oily skin and acne should choose a liquid cream or serum line to avoid uncomfortable stinking. For pregnant women with acne, acne creams that do not contain azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics are the most ideal to choose from.

With the above steps in skin care for pregnant women, you must have found your own secret to take care of your skin every day, right? Do not hesitate but do it right away to soon have a smooth, beautiful skin, even when pregnant.

5. Some notes for comprehensive skin care for pregnant women

Here are some tips for mothers to take care of their skin perfectly:

Healthy eating

A good, nutritious diet will help your skin become rosy and smoother. Pregnant mothers should supplement many vitamins from fruits and oils from whole grains.

Get a good rest

During pregnancy, mothers feel discomfort, pressure and sleeplessness. These signs will change hormones and cause acne, dry, rough skin … So, you should relax more, exercise suitable sports like yoga for pregnant women to feel refreshed. , skin adds vitality.

Choose the right cosmetics

Mom should consider using cosmetics, choose quality cosmetics and good for both mother and baby. Avoid cosmetics that contain the following ingredients:

  • Paraben.
  • Petroleum.
  • Propylene or butylene glycol.
  • Lauryl sodium sulfate.

6. Skin care for pregnant women at Spa

Should pregnant women go to spa skin care for pregnant women? This is the question of many women during pregnancy. Because this is a tired period and there is a “decline” in beauty due to hormonal changes. With the desire to always exist in every woman, many spas have opened up to meet the needs. However, that also brings a lot of controversy.

Advantages and disadvantages of spa for pregnant women

Many pregnant mothers enjoy mud baths and relaxing massages at the spa. However, if you are in pregnancy, is it possible to apply? In fact, it is very difficult to answer this question precisely because the safety of prenatal spa skincare depends heavily on therapy and quality. For example, if you use a gentle facial care and relaxation package, it will definitely not endanger your baby’s health.

However, if you choose to take a mud bath, seaweed bath or other body whitening treatments, your mother will have a high risk of facing the harmful agent. Similar to the use of a sauna, hot tub or other relaxation techniques causes the body temperature to rise. These are factors that can harm your unborn baby.

What to note when going to the spa skin care for pregnant women?

Mothers can feel more comfortable when going to the spa for pregnant women if they “lie down” with the following tips:

  • Careful consultation before each treatment: Clearly state your pregnancy period with spa staff for advice on service packages and choose the right essential oils and cosmetics. Regardless of any course of study, you should always ask the counselor.
  • Consider when applying reflexology: Acupressure is one of the effective fatigue reduction therapies. However, when done with pregnant women, this method can adversely affect the fetus if it affects some acupuncture points in a special position.
  • Gentle massage: When massaging pregnant women, most of the staff mainly use gentle movements such as rubbing, stroking, day, .. to positions such as head, neck, nape and back hips. If you see a staff having strong back massage such as clapping, gradually, punching … and strong muscle stretching techniques in your arms, spine, leg joints, pelvis, … you should ask to stop immediately. These are inappropriate movements, which can harm both mother and fetus
  • Lie in the right position: Most of the spa skin care for pregnant women have dedicated beds. If you work at a small spa, there is no massage bed for pregnant women, pay attention to the posture. Do not lie on your stomach during the entire procedure, instead, lie on your left or right side.
  • Considerations when applying the method of increasing body temperature: Any treatment related to body temperature such as sauna, massage bath, mud bath, mineral bath … are in the group of taboo beauty methods. during pregnancy. If you intend to wax during pregnancy, mothers should do it by natural methods at home, should not use other chemical measures, especially in the “dense forest”.

Looking for spa skin care for pregnant women need to pay attention to what?

If you intend to spa skin care for pregnant women, mothers should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Choosing a specialized beauty spa for pregnant mothers, ensuring prestige and quality.
  • Equip with knowledge of cosmetics for pregnant mothers to know which ones to use and which ones on the list should be limited.
  • Check the products carefully when they are done by the staff, do not be subjective with massage essential oils!
  • Avoid aggressive skin treatments, especially on the abdomen, as the abdominal skin is very soft and sensitive at this time.
  • Mother should be careful with the steam methods because it will easily cause the mother to have a lot of white blood, accompanied by the risk of infection. Besides, the high temperature steam will easily make the mother dizzy and faint.
  • If you do massage, do not massage more than 20% of the surface area of ​​the skin, especially focus on the abdomen.
  • Limit cosmetic abuse in the first 3 months of pregnancy. If it is necessary to use, should choose organic, benign cosmetics with natural ingredients.

Skin care for pregnant women not only helps mothers to be confident at all times of pregnancy but also makes it easier for mothers to “recover” their beauty after giving birth. Hope the information in the article has helped you get great tips. Wish you successful application!

Stretch Marks after Giving Birth

Stretch Marks after Giving Birth

Stretch marks are not only common in pregnant women, but also after giving birth. According to statistics, more than half of women after giving birth suffer from stretch marks. Therefore, during pregnancy and postpartum, you need a special regimen to take care of your skin.

What is stretching skin?

Stretch marks are small stretch marks of thin and weak skin that occur when the skin is not stretched enough to adapt to changes in the body.

Causes of stretch marks appear in the dermis. This is the layer that functions to bring elasticity to the skin. When this skin layer is stretched for a long time, the skin becomes less elastic and the connective tissues are broken down, creating stretch marks. Stretch marks are formed through two periods. Initially red, purple red streaks, with or without itching. Next, the skin turns white and forms concave incisions (which is the time to create stretch marks), a pretty clear contrast between normal skin and stretch marks.

The cracks are common in weak skin areas such as chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves.

Causes of stretch marks

Postpartum stretching is a skin condition damaged by excessive stretching. The most obvious manifestation of stretch marks is long white, purple or red furrows. There are many causes of stretch marks after giving birth that women are easy to encounter:

Weight gain too fast

During pregnancy, the mother’s body increases rapidly in both size and weight. Therefore, the skin surface will suddenly stretch, not adapting to the growth rate of the body. The collagen and elastin fibers under the skin are broken, causing stretch marks.


If someone in the family has stretch marks from a young age, the likelihood of postpartum stretch marks is quite high. This factor belongs to genetics and congenital skin structure. There are people from a young age skin appeared white stretch marks.

Pregnant when too young or old

Pregnant age is also one of the causes of postpartum stretch marks that few women know. Stretch marks are not only seen in pregnant women but even girls of puberty are prone to stretch marks. When pregnant at a very young age, skin structure is not really stable. Therefore, stretch marks will easily appear. When pregnant at a very high age, the skin is aging, the skin elasticity is poor.

Dry skin and lack of nutrients

The aging rate of dry skin is faster than that of oily skin. Usually, the sisters only pay attention to face care but ignore the body moisturizer. Therefore, the skin of the abdomen, chest, buttocks and thighs does not have the necessary moisture. Skin elasticity and elasticity will be less, easily lead to stretch marks.

Lazy practice

Pregnant mothers who exercise regularly before and during pregnancy have a lower rate of stretch marks than others. When exercising, blood is circulated steadily, muscles and skin are continuously dilated. Pregnant mothers can choose gentle exercises during pregnancy such as yoga and walking.

Expression postpartum stretch marks

Stretch marks appear from 13-21 weeks of pregnancy. Up to 90% of women in this stage notice pink, red, white and brown stretch marks. In terms of location, postpartum stretch marks usually appear on the abdomen, chest, legs, thighs, and hips. During pregnancy, a mother’s body weight increases significantly. The skin on the body is also stretched as much as possible leading to stretch marks.

Stretch marks are often accompanied by itchy skin due to excessively dry and stretchy skin. Sometimes the stretched skin is scaly white. These are the skin cells that are damaged and pushed to the surface, forming dry flakes. Usually after birth, stretch marks are dark red or purple along the length of the abdomen. These cracks are quite thick and close together, so invisible, many women panic because they are too scary.

How to prevent?

Once stretched, it is very difficult to completely rule out these stretch marks, but the prevention will help you partially limit the risk of stretch marks.

The simplest way to prevent stretch marks is to avoid gaining weight too quickly during pregnancy, just ensure the weight gain is up to the standard.

Notes when stretching

Stretch marks do not affect your health, but to avoid adverse effects on the skin and aesthetics, you should pay attention:

Massage to increase blood circulation.

Apply moisturizer to the stretched area to keep the skin soft, elastic.

Depending on the stretch and the skin “heals” or “evil” that the process of “changing skin” (exfoliation) helps to fade stretch marks more or less.

Eat plenty of foods good for the skin such as those containing vitamins C, E, and zinc.

Depending on the different creams and fragrances, the skin and stretch marks are much or less improved. Usually it only works for new scars. As for stretch marks that are already long ago, it is almost ineffective.

There is practically no way to restore damaged stretch marks back to normal other than cosmetic surgery. You should go to a dermatologist to get the best advice on how to use drugs, cosmetics to fade stretch marks.

How to Take Care of Your Skin after Delivery

How to Take Care of Your Skin after Delivery?

In the journey of every mother after giving birth to a newborn, she undergoes various changes in her both physically and emotionally. We refer to the period of six weeks after childbirth to a postpartum or puerperium period. In this stage, the mother’s body including hormone levels and reproductive organs changes to normal conditions. A mother’s skin undergoes many changes in post-pregnancy. But these changes are not permanent.

While some are fortunate to undergo positive changes in their skin during post-delivery. New mothers can regain their original skin tone by using easily available natural skin care products. Taking care of postpartum skin is very important. A mother should be strong emotionally and physically. Bad facial skin after giving birth is inferiority, a worry of many mothers. Many nursing mothers do not know which facial care is safe for themselves and the health of their babies.

After childbirth, a mother’s entire body changes a lot. One of those changes is the facial skin. So choosing a moisturizer for breastfeeding moms is needful to come back to the pre-pregnancy stage. However, taking care of the skin after giving birth to ensure the health of the baby is also a challenging part of mothers. Based on certain principles, and natural skincare helps mothers regain smooth skin.

Changes observed during the postpartum period

Facial skin problems after childbirth

The best way to take care of the skin after giving birth is better you should know these postpartum changes during your pregnancy. So you can prepare yourself emotionally and physically. Postpartum hormones progesterone and estrogen spike, along with stress and fatigue lead to sebum proliferation. Usually, acne occurs during pregnancy.

It can be severe or mild, often manifested by red bumps. Along with acne are melasma and darkening of the skin. Hormonal changes make the skin much more sensitive than normal. The blemishes will then fade. The above skin problems do not affect the health of mother and baby much, but it has a powerful impact on the mother’s psychology. Giving birth to a child is a milestone in every mom’s life.

It is normal to face skin problems in the postpartum stage. As a mother, you should not get exhausted because of these changes. Though it will not affect your health it leads to unwanted stress. This skincare issue should get focused on when entering pregnancy.

How to Take Care of Your Skin after Delivery

Physical and hormonal changes

The other common changes are Vaginal Discharge, Breast Engorgement, Nipple Pain, Swelling, Hair Loss, Perineum Soreness, and Constipation. A mother’s skin undergoes these changes in post-delivery:

  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Puffy eyes
  • Dark circles
  • Hyper-sensitivity

ACNE: Acne problems during pregnancy are common for a high level of progesterone. Few have clear acne-free skin throughout the pregnancy, but it surprises them post-delivery.

PIGMENTATION: Dark patches or spots get developed during pregnancy. We call these as melasma or pigmentation. It is because of the high level of pregnancy hormones. It gets reduced post delivery for the change in hormone level.

STRETCH MARKS: After pregnancy narrow lines in the skin, especially in the stomach, hip and breast called stretch marks to remain. About 90 percent of women go through tummy stretch marks. During pregnancy, weight gain is rapid and the skin cannot adjust to its growing size. So it forms stretch marks. The color of the stretch marks varies according to the complexion of a person.

DARK CIRCLES & PUFFY EYES: Lack of sleep & tiredness and hormonal changes are the two factors responsible for dark circles. Constantly looking after your baby causes improper sleep that results in puffed-up eyes or dark circles.

HYPERSENSITIVITY: As mentioned already, your skin becomes more sensitive post-delivery. For example, even exposing your skin to the sun may cause skin irritation or burning sensation. Sometimes your skin may feel a burning sensation towards chlorine or detergent.

How to take care of your skin post-delivery?

You need to be careful with cosmetic products that have quick results. Avoid non-origin cosmetic products, blending creams, and white bath creams. After birth, the skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. As its matter of skincare, which protects your health and safety of your baby, be aware of choosing the right one. It is natural to observe changes after delivery.

Self-care after pregnancy is usually difficult in every mother’s life. As you spend time mostly in taking care of your infant. But it is important to allow time for you to avoid postnatal depression. After delivery, your skin becomes very sensitive so choose the right products for your skin.

Clean for facial skin

That the skin of the face produces oil it creates a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and cause acne. If you clean your face regularly, the bacteria cannot create acne. Wash your face with cleanser every day. The mother should use the facial steam method to clean deep inside.

  • Use a washcloth soaked in boiling water.
  • Wring out the washcloth to reduce the amount of water. Place the towel over your face. The heat from the towel helps open pores.
  • Cleanse your face regularly twice a day.
  • Use an oil-free and mild cleanser. Choose products that contain aloe vera and eucalyptus.
  • Rinse off with cool water.

Avoid using a foaming or harsh cleansers. Using such products causes skin damage. Postpartum skin is usually very sensitive, so it will be easy to lose balance after washing your face. Use toner as quickly as possible to retain moisture, balance the skin. This is also a necessary step for cosmetics to absorb into the skin better.

Moisturizes the face

Moisturizers for breastfeeding moms are in the form of lotions. You can moisturize by using essential oils. Postpartum mothers should use moisturizers for oily skin. Because postpartum skin is not too dry, use products for oily skin that both moisturize and alkaline the skin.

Limit your use of white cream. Most of the whitening cream products have thinning ingredients. It makes the skin sensitive and prone to breakouts. Because of the regular contact with the baby’s skin surface, use benign, natural cosmetics.


Not only postpartum skin, but any skin also needs to get a mask at least once a week. We should use the mask after cleansing the skin. You can choose masks that have moisturizing, anti-aging, and astringent properties. They extracted these masks from natural ingredients.

Natural Face masks: There are many face masks for your skin. Do it yourself, you don’t get beautiful skin overnight so make it as a routine.

Apply sunscreen

Sun protection helps to protect sensitive skin from redness, cell destruction, and skin cancer. Sun protection also helps prevent the formation of pigmentation and freckles. You should use a topical sunscreen. We do not recommend spray and powder sunscreens as harmful ingredients are unsafe if inhaled.

Preventive methods for skincare

  • It is important to keep your pigmentation under control, ensure you use a sunscreen regularly. If you are staying indoors, use a sunscreen with SPF 15. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 50 if you are stepping out for shorter periods. Apply a moisturizer made especially for pigmented skin.
  • A healthy diet and a good intake of water is the key to get rid of dark circles. Use a reputed under eye creams to reduce dark circles. The only way to give rest to yourself is by taking brief naps with your baby.
  • To get rid of stretch marks, use olive oil or an anti-stretch mark cream regularly during pregnancy. Massage yourself using any oil rich in vitamin E or moisturizers rich in olive oil helps in reducing stretch marks. You can exercise followed by your gynecologist’s advice after delivery. Add cocoa butter, potato juice, and aloe vera gel to get a soothing skin. Exfoliate using face scrubs to remove dead skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly. Follow the cleansing, toner, and moisturizing (CTM) process to reduce sensitivity. Don’t use harsh chemicals on your face. Drinking lots of water during the daytime and moisturizing your skin to stay hydrated.
  • Sugar is usually bad for your skin. Your pregnancy cravings are over now, and it’s necessary to avoid sugar to get your glowing skin again.
  • Apply lime juice on stretch marks. The acidic nature of lemon aids in reducing stretch marks.
  • Divide your meal plate into grains, vegetables, proteins, fruits, and dairy products.
  • Drink plenty of water to stabilize your hormonal changes.

How to Take Care of Your Skin after Delivery

Face care with turmeric

Facial skincare with fresh turmeric

This is very simple, you just need to apply fresh turmeric, or fresh turmeric juice, on the skin with blemishes, pigmentation, freckles. Do it every day, 2-3 times a day. Persevere for 1-2 months. You will see a noticeable change.

Facial skincare with turmeric and fresh milk


  • Turmeric starch: 2 tablespoons
  • Rice flour or rice bran: 2 tablespoons
  • Fresh milk: 2 tablespoons


  • Beat well the mixture of turmeric starch, rice flour (rice bran), fresh milk
  • Apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for about 20 minutes
  • Wash your face with cool water
  • Perform about 2 times/week

Face care with turmeric and eggs


  • Fresh turmeric: 2-3 tubers
  • Chicken eggs: 1-2


  • Peel and rinse fresh turmeric. Then bring the puree
  • Mix a mixture of freshly ground turmeric (take the water) and egg yolks
  • Apply this mixture to your face and let it sit for about 20 minutes
  • Rinse off with cool water
  • Perform 2 times/week for smooth white skin, reduce wrinkles


Motherhood is a pure blessing. Skincare post-delivery is important for you. You cannot get beautiful skin overnight, it is a process. So don’t expect any instant results. Use natural moisturizers while breastfeeding. These skincare routines along with good rest help you to overcome the puerperium stage. Remember that these changes are temporary. You can get your glowing skin soon after 3 months. Pamper yourself like you pamper your child. Enjoy your new role as a mother and let your body recover naturally. Be kind to yourself. Don’t forget to love yourself.

Beauty after Giving Birth at Home

Beauty after Giving Birth at Home

Along with getting in shape, the same mother should care for the whole body after birth. Due to hormonal changes, women’s skin becomes dry, lumpy, and acne-prone. It takes no time, mothers can beautify after giving birth at home. Let’s perform the following tips to regain your radiant beauty!

Sauna discharge toxins in the skin

Sebaceous glands are the cause of acne. To cleanse the skin, pregnant women should have their face steamed 2-3 times a week. The heat during steaming will help the blood vessels under the skin to expand, increasing circulation and moisture to the face. The following is a recipe for beauty after giving birth at home with a steam bath. 

Lemongrass, lemongrass, and ginger are the favorite facial treatments for women. This is a simple, economical, and effective way. Lemongrass washed and smashed thinly, lemon slices to sliced ​​because when steaming, lemon zest has a very aromatic smell that helps you to partly relax the spirit, reduce stress. However, if you want simpler, you can squeeze lemon juice straight into the pot. Sliced ​​Ginger.

Place the pot of water in front of you and then cover the head with a towel so that the steam rises into your face as much as possible. Allow your face to cool completely, then rinse with clean water, or apply ice to the skin.

Treatment of stretch marks by aloe vera, coconut oil

Preparation: 500ml of coconut oil and 4 bars of fresh aloe vera.

Method: Peel the aloe vera peeled, cut into pieces about 3cm. Put coconut oil in an old hot pan, pour aloe vera into a saucepan and simmer until aloe vera shrinks. Take the oil, remove the aloe vera residue. Wait for the bottle to cool. Every day you apply aloe vera coconut oil to the abdomen to treat stretch marks.

Acne with the breast milk itself

Use breast milk produced during the first 3 days of life. This is milk with many anti-bacterial substances to protect the body. Also, colostrum contains a lot of vitamin A and a high amount of protein. 

Since being pregnant, many mothers have had acne problems that cause rough skin. Try to improve this condition by using breast milk mixed with coconut oil and then apply on the face. Hold and massage for 10 minutes to allow the mixture to penetrate deeply into the skin and rinse with clean water. Use 3 times a week you will see a clear difference.

Drink turmeric honey 

This is a beautiful postpartum beauty formula at home for mothers who give cesarean section. Drinking turmeric with honey brings many uses from the skin, shape, hair, to the digestive system. Mothers after Caesarean section should drink honey turmeric to heal scars faster. You can drink directly by mixing with water. Mothers can make honey turmeric tablets, which are also good for the skin. 

Curcumin extract in turmeric not only helps the body recover faster but also heals wounds. Besides, turmeric also reduces stretch marks caused by pregnancy, childbirth.

Drinking turmeric with honey is the most common and simple way. This is a way to bring many uses from the skin, shape, hair, to the digestive system, intestinal tract, stomach inside the body. Should be taken in the morning after waking up, at least 30 minutes before eating or in the evening 30 minutes before going to bed. Mom should still only maintain 1 teaspoon turmeric powder mixed with a little honey or milk to drink every day without drinking too much.

Cover the mask with white rice bran

Rice bran hand is a simple way to beautify after giving birth at home. Acne during pregnancy often results in darkening after birth. A natural rice bran mask will be a safe recipe for diapers. You can apply this mask right after your steaming. 

The mother only needs to use 2 tablespoons of rice bran mixed with 1 egg white. Mix with 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face for about 15-20 minutes and then wash gently with warm water. Each week made 1-2 times will help beautiful white skin more smooth.

Detox for oily skin at home

In addition to detoxifying the face, the scalp is also a cause of dandruff and hair loss. The beauty formula after giving birth at home to help detoxification is necessary for mothers. You can use coconut milk and fresh lemon to condition your hair. Did you know pure lemon water and coconut will make the hair smoother and no longer split or tangle? Besides, this mixture helps hair more straight. 

Mix lemon juice and coconut milk in a ratio of 1: 1. Let the mixture cool to the fridge until a creamy layer emerges. Then, mix again to make a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture evenly on your hair and comb. Cover your hair with a shower cap and heat dryer around the head for about 10 minutes. Incubate for 1 to 2 hours and then wash with shampoo.

Exercise lightly

Gentle stretching exercises will help mom reduce stress and soreness. In addition to nursing outside, beauty after giving birth at home also comes from within. Mothers should avoid exercising too hard. Instead, do gentle exercises like Yoga and nourishment.

Exercising helps blood flow better so the skin will be rosier. Also, mothers will prevent blood pressure and neck pain in the neck. Abdominal exercises and biceps will help slim the thighs, abdomen, reduce fat. The exercise combined with drinking fruit juice helps to get in shape quickly. 

Drink enough water every day

Water can also be considered as a free cosmetic gift from nature bestowed on the skin. If you don’t want your skin to age prematurely, remember to keep your skin hydrated by drinking water the right way every day.

On average, in a normal adult, the body needs to provide 40ml of water/kg daily according to body weight. Drinking a glass now will help purify the liver and kidneys. Drinking water 30 minutes before breakfast is the best time for water to clean out the impurities in the body

Above are the secrets of beauty after giving birth at home for you. You need to maintain regular habits and care of the body. Restoring skin and physique with natural products will be safe for mom and baby. 

Beauty Secrets During Pregnancy

The joy of pregnancy is very easy to be shaken by many other concerns about the rapid change of beauty and appearance when having a baby. The ant’s waistline has disappeared, I still have to suffer from ugly stretch marks, melasma and worsening of leg edema, etc. Complete secrets of beauty during pregnancy.

Skincare during pregnancy

Stretch marks

90% of pregnant women experience stretch marks. The stretch marks caused by the mother’s skin do not match up to the mother’s rapid dizzy weight gain during pregnancy.

Stretch marks are the culprit that greatly distresses mom by their appearance. But do not worry too much mom when she has a tutorial tube on how to reduce, open cracks during pregnancy just below.

To limit the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, firstly, the mother needs to control her weight gain scientifically and rationally during pregnancy. Adjusting your weight will help minimize stretch marks. At the same time, I need to find ways to reduce stretch marks such as using natural foods with high safety to increase skin moisture such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, …

Other skin problems

In addition to the problem of stretch marks, pregnant mothers are faced with dry skin, acne, melasma, … The reason is due to hormonal changes in the body. To avoid these skin conditions, pregnant women need to use a sunscreen with a safe ingredient, avoid sun exposure within 10-4 hours a day and use cosmetics. Skincare from nature.

Stay in shape during pregnancy

Experts suggest that a healthy weight gain for pregnant women is 10-12 kg during pregnancy, of course, for those who are underweight or overweight, the weight gain during pregnancy will have an increase in various reduction.

Pregnant women often have the psychology of “eating for two”, so uncontrolled eating leads to horrible weight gain throughout pregnancy. This is absolutely not good, it can leave a series of consequences for mothers and fetuses such as stretch marks, difficulty in birth, premature birth, birth by surgery, … Of course, mothers can not fast, squeeze. balanced by the lack of substances that have a significant effect on the health of both mother and fetus.

A healthy diet, full of science groups necessary for healthy mothers, child comprehensive development is essential. Combined with regular exercise and exercise, mom can control her weight always at a reasonable level.

Beauty during pregnancy

Quite a lot of opinions advise mothers to avoid makeup during pregnancy because it will affect the baby, causing the child to be born unfortunate, … Actually, the makeup during pregnancy is not too abstinent as mothers often listen to other mothers’ rust. Mother is still allowed to beautify during pregnancy to confidently meet people of course, properly beauty, mother.

Besides makeup helps to increase the confidence and radiance for the mother, it is extremely important to look after yourself for this time. Because if the mother during pregnancy is interested in caring for her appearance, she will be less strenuous in regaining the body of her son after giving birth.

There are notes for pregnant mothers in beauty during pregnancy that mothers need to remember. Do not wear heavy makeup, avoid using foundation instead of BB cream, do not use matte lipstick or any type of lipstick containing lead, do not use perfume, remove makeup thoroughly, especially without nail polish and hair dye during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and it will be even more wonderful if you know how to take care of yourself so that you can confidently shine every time, even in your pregnancy.

Should I Wear Makeup While Pregnant

Should I Wear Makeup While Pregnant?

Beauty is an essential need for women, but beauty during pregnancy makes many pregnant women worried because it can affect the health of their children. The question is: Should pregnant women wear makeup? And how will makeup be good?

When pregnant should or should not beauty?

When pregnant, you must become more and more beautiful, although your skin may be beautiful sometimes, sometimes not beautiful. This is due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Makeup now plays an important role to help pregnant women feel confident about their appearance and feel happier, so that the stresses at work and life are gradually relieved.

How to beautify properly

Right and wrong in beauty is a very wide range, can not be applied to each specific case. But to be beautiful in pregnancy, pregnant women need to be selected because beauty is also related to the health of the baby in their tummy.

Today, science is very developed, researchers also launched specialized products for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. These products are derived from nature, do not affect the health of pregnant women and their unborn babies. Therefore, during pregnancy, a mother can completely be beautiful.

However, when choosing beauty cosmetics during pregnancy you should note the following:

  • Please choose cosmetics from reputable brands, with natural origin.
  • Consider using hand made cosmetics because you cannot be sure that cosmetics do not contain chemicals (unless your hands are made from natural products such as coconut oil, Gac oil).
  • Carefully read the cosmetic usage guide before using because most cosmetics of natural origin have little (or no) preservatives, so the time to use these cosmetics is very short. Pregnant women must not “regret” but use it for a long time.
  • Should not have plastic surgery, inject fillers, botox into the body for beauty. This action extremely affects the fetus.

Beauty is an essential need of women, the beauty here not only serves your needs but also shows your respect for those around you. Therefore, even when pregnant, always keep yourself a beautiful, confident appearance as possible.

The Secret to Choosing a Dress for a Pregnant Bride

The Secret to Choosing a Dress for a Pregnant Bride

A wedding day is the great day of a woman’s life, so everyone wants to become beautiful and most charming. If you are pregnant and looking forward to the upcoming wedding day, please check out the following notes!

The mistake of the bride is often less suitable wedding dress choice to wear on the wedding day while your belly is getting bigger. In fact, if you are a little observant, many wedding dresses are suitable for pregnant brides. You can completely become both beautiful and beautiful, you can cover your perfect pregnancy with the following tips

Choose a wedding dress close to the wedding day

You need to know that the pregnant belly will get bigger each month so if you choose a wedding dress too early, it will be difficult to wear a beautiful dress on the big day of your life. To avoid the situation of having to repair a skirt many times, you should choose the wedding dress as close to the wedding day as possible. This way you only need to fix one wedding dress to fit the body.

Belt at waist

Choose a small belt tied on the upper waist so that your body will become more fit and slim. This belt still respects the curves that remain on the pregnant bride’s body, making you not feel like you’re round or too fat.

In addition, the delicate silk belts also contribute to creating fancy accents for the wedding dress

Choose short wedding dresses

In fact, short wedding dresses are quite suitable for pregnant brides because they are both luxurious and modern. When wearing a short wedding dress, the viewer will focus more on the slender legs of the bride so that it is limited to the second round.

In addition, short wedding dresses also help you move more easily, do not stumble, cool especially on hot summer days.

Do not wear heels

Pregnant brides should not wear high heels. During the wedding, you will have to travel quite a lot to receive guests and chat with people so choose for yourself a pair of sandals with moderate height and comfort with your feet.

A pair of too high sandals with a fluttering long skirt will be difficult for you to walk around the banquet table. Therefore, for the safety of the baby and the bride you should choose high heels with a height of not more than 7 cm.

Pay attention to the comfort factor

A big belly and pressure from the wedding day will make the bride unable to escape the stress of anxiety. You should not choose wedding dresses that hug too closely, creating an uncomfortable feeling of being awake. Try to choose a dress that puts less pressure on the abdomen to make the bride feel more confident on the wedding day.

Therefore, from the time you try on the skirt, you should put the comfort factor on top to select the appropriate skirt. Also, try standing up to sit down to see if it’s really comfortable and whether the skirt is putting any pressure on the baby?

How to Protect the Skin During Pregnancy

How to Protect the Skin During Pregnancy?

Due to the change in pigmentation during pregnancy makes the skin darkening condition in pregnant women increasingly worse. Although the tan may disappear after giving birth, it still makes the mother lose confidence, especially if the pregnant women still have to work every day. How to prevent skin changes during pregnancy is a question many pregnant women ask questions. The following article will solve this problem for mothers.

Dermatosis is a common skin condition in pregnant mothers due to the pigmentation changes during pregnancy. Although tanning disappears by the end of the pregnancy, it does not mean that pregnant women should standstill without any measures to minimize them during pregnancy. Especially for mothers elected to work, the tan skin can steal all the confidence of the mother.

To have healthy skin, to avoid ugly dull skin during pregnancy, the mother needs to follow the tips below.

Protect skin from the sun

Protecting skin from the sun is considered the most important thing if the mother wants to own the skin no more “visit” melasma. because ultraviolet rays from the sun are extremely toxic, not only makes the skin pigmentation condition worse but also cause serious skin diseases for the mother.

Ultraviolet rays in the sun influence the changes in the pigment to make the skin condition worse.

Mothers should use sunscreen containing natural ingredients that are safe for pregnant women’s health, have SPF 30 or higher to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

When you go out, remember to cover yourself with sun protective clothing such as a jacket, a yellow hat, and long-sleeved shirts. And especially in the time frame from 10-14h every day mother needs to avoid going out of the sun because it is the time when the sun shines the most intense of the day.

Makeup to concealer

When the spots are too dark, make you feel less confident, you can apply light makeup to hide those ugly skin pigments. Of course, keep in mind that bleaching creams should not be used during pregnancy. Because after the pregnancy ends, the spots will suddenly disappear without any impact. Therefore, do not be too impatient to use bleaching cream

Skincare after giving birth to a baby

Continuing to protect your skin from the sun after giving birth is something you should do. Because even if melasma disappears after birth, it can return to attack your skin if you neglect to properly take care of your skin. At this time, you can use sunscreen and some cosmetics to protect the skin safely.
A note for you that chloasma can occur when you use contraceptives containing estrogen (vaginal ring, medication). Therefore, you should consider other methods of contraception so that the skin spots do not appear to bother the mother.
The treatment of melasma sometimes requires a lot of patience. Therefore, you should not be impatient if you see the skin spots still exist. If you have tried all of the methods that are not useful, you should go to a dermatologist for appropriate treatment. Depending on your skin pigmentation condition, your doctor will have a solution.

Skin pigmentation has always been one of the concerns of pregnant mothers. It is because of the change in pigmentation during pregnancy that makes the mother’s skin problem. Instead of being self-deprecating, moms should try to minimize sun exposure and use sunscreen even indoors. Only use cosmetics containing ingredients that are safe for pregnant women’s health.

Treatment of melasma during pregnancy is not difficult if you have perseverance. They will disappear after birth so don’t worry too much

Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant Third Trimester

Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant Third Trimester

During the pregnancy period, the woman faces a lot of changes that take place in her, and this is the most delicate period, so the woman needs to take care of her. Pregnancy is the most wonderful phase of life; it is proficient enough to change an individual’s life drastically. Pregnancy is the phase of life that helps them to unveil several things that they haven’t experienced before.

While being pregnant, you need to take care of numerous things like if you are willing to color your hair during the pregnancy, then preferably get the safe hair dye for pregnancy. The safe color will let you be at the safer side as there are no chances of any harm. Here we are going to elaborate on the things that will help you to know about what precautions you need to take care of.

We have described the essential information that you need to know about coloring your hair during pregnancy and what are the safety measures that you can take care of while being pregnant. The following points are proficient enough to serve you with sufficient information, which will help you to gain knowledge regarding the do’s and don’ts. So without investing much time, let’s have a look at the following points to unveil those things.Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant Third Trimester

Is it safe to color your hair in the third semester?

Yes! You can consider coloring your hair during the third semester, but you should consider using the Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy as they are safe to be chosen. There are several options available if you are looking for hair color, but you should get the finest and safer hair color. Such colors should be toxic free, and they are safe to apply to your hair.

If you are willing to get your hair color done, then it would be better if you get it done by the professionals, or you can take of several precautions. Some chemical treatments are there, which are safe, and they can do during pregnancy as well. At the following points, we have described some of them to let you know about them. Have a look here:

Treatments that can be considered during pregnancy


You can prefer coloring your hair with the permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes but try to consider the Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy. These are the dyes that are safe enough for the application, and they will not cause any harm.


If you are willing to get the wavier and bouncier hair, then you can get it done; this procedure of curling hair can be done within two steps. In the first step, the waving solution will be applied to your hair, and then they will apply the neutralizer or the fixation. These steps will make your hair wavier and prettier.


This is the process in which the hydrogen peroxide is included.


The relaxers are also known as the perms; they usually consist of either lye (sodium hydroxide) or no-lye (potassium, lithium, or guanidine), which have often been used to straighten your hair permanently.

Safety measures that you need to take care of while undergoing chemical treatments during pregnancy

  • It would be best if you preferred waiting until the third or second semester as this is the time where you can begin your experiments with reliable products
  • Make sure that you are undergoing chemical treatments in the fully ventilated area
  • Once you are done with the chemical treatments, then you should wash your scalp with water; this is mandatory because you should cleanse out the residue.
  • It would be best if you considered following the steps which are mentioned behind the packages
  • Initially do a patch test to know that your product is safe for the application or not
  • Never color or dye your eyebrows and eyelashes, as this can be dangerous. Dying the eyebrows and eyelashes will let you bear a massive problem of swelling, although there are more chances of eye infection.

So, these were the essential steps that you need to consider during the pregnancy as you need to be more careful with the color application. It would be best if you did not dye eyelashes or eyebrows as doing this will lead you towards a path where you can face swelling and several more issues. While being pregnant, you need to take care of certain things like it is mandatory for you to choose the reliable color for the chemical treatments.

Check out some frequently asked questions

Can you dye your hair while being seven months pregnant?

Yes! You can dye your hair, but you need to prefer using the Safe Hair Dye for Pregnancy as they are entirely safe. These are the colors that should be considered while you are planning to dye your hair, these are the safest and reliable colors which can be hardly absorbed by the scalp’s skin.

Is coloring during pregnancy safe?

Yes! Coloring your hair during the pregnancy is entirely safe if you are using reliable and finest quality products to dye your hair. As there numerous color options available so that you can consider getting the one who is toxic free and these are the colors that are safe to buy.

How often can you dye your hair during pregnancy?

If you are planning to dye your hair during the pregnancy, then you are allowed to dye your hair only once. You can dye your hair with branded and trustworthy colors, which will let you be at the safer side.

The final verdict

We are here with the conclusion that the woman is proficient in dying her during the pregnancy after her first semester, and if you are willing to dye your hair in the first semester, it will be better if you drop that idea. The first semester is the initial period of pregnancy on which the woman needs to be more careful and conscious.

7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps1

7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps

To make the eyes always beautiful, only make up can help you. However, not everyone can make up for their beautiful eyes. Understanding your concerns, I immediately introduce 7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps to make your eyes more beautiful.

Prepare the props

  • Beige, pink eyeshadow
  • Bronze eyeshadows
  • Eyeliner / skin
  • White eyeliner
  • Brown eyebrow pencil, or color suitable for your hair
  • Fake eyelashes and eyelashes
  • Mascara7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps1How to makeup beautiful eyes naturally

    Step 1: Apply chalk to the eyes For those who just know how to make up, be careful not to choose too bright pastels like purple, blue … but choose bright pastel colors to keep your eyes vibrant and bigger. First, use a beige eyeshadow to cover the entire eye, following the dotted line shown in the drawing below, spread the chalk out evenly and spread evenly.

    Step 2: Apply chalk to the eyelids After applying the powder, continue to apply pink powder to the eyelids and close to the eyelashes to make the color on the eyelashes darker.

    Step 3: Create depth for the eyes Use a copper eyeshadow to apply a little depth to the eyes. Use a bronze brush to brush the eyelid across the eyelid from the middle of the iris to the bottom of the eye (following the line below the figure). You should pull out the eyelids a bit to create glamor and make your eyes look bigger.

    Step 4: Eyeliner Eyeliner, you use the eyeliner to draw a long and accurate line from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye (the thin line at the head and tail, wide in the middle or the area near the pupils). Note: For big or small round eyes, the key point is at the tail of the eye, if you line the eye part the thinner the eye is bigger, clearer and vice versa.This is also an important part of the eye makeup. We introduce to you.

    Step 5: Apply chalk to the lower eyelid of the eye After finishing the eyeliner, use a solid color eyeshadow to blend into the lower eyelid, about 1/3 of the eyelid pulled toward the tail. This approach will create more attractive points for your eyes.

    Step 6: Use a white pencil to gently paint on the eyelids To make your eyes naturally beautiful and sparkling, use a soft, white pen to gently fill up the lower half of your lower eyelid. Doing so looks at your eyes very deeply and catches wonderful light.

    Step 7: Makeup your eyebrows If you have long and beautiful eyelashes, skip this step. So the eye makeup is done, you just need to pay attention to your eyebrows a little bit more. You draw the eyebrows very well and match the eye color makeup.