Beauty Secrets During Pregnancy

The joy of pregnancy is very easy to be shaken by many other concerns about the rapid change of beauty and appearance when having a baby. The ant’s waistline has disappeared, I still have to suffer from ugly stretch marks, melasma and worsening of leg edema, etc. Complete secrets of beauty during pregnancy.

Skincare during pregnancy

Stretch marks

90% of pregnant women experience stretch marks. The stretch marks caused by the mother’s skin do not match up to the mother’s rapid dizzy weight gain during pregnancy.

Stretch marks are the culprit that greatly distresses mom by their appearance. But do not worry too much mom when she has a tutorial tube on how to reduce, open cracks during pregnancy just below.

To limit the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, firstly, the mother needs to control her weight gain scientifically and rationally during pregnancy. Adjusting your weight will help minimize stretch marks. At the same time, I need to find ways to reduce stretch marks such as using natural foods with high safety to increase skin moisture such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, …

Other skin problems

In addition to the problem of stretch marks, pregnant mothers are faced with dry skin, acne, melasma, … The reason is due to hormonal changes in the body. To avoid these skin conditions, pregnant women need to use a sunscreen with a safe ingredient, avoid sun exposure within 10-4 hours a day and use cosmetics. Skincare from nature.

Stay in shape during pregnancy

Experts suggest that a healthy weight gain for pregnant women is 10-12 kg during pregnancy, of course, for those who are underweight or overweight, the weight gain during pregnancy will have an increase in various reduction.

Pregnant women often have the psychology of “eating for two”, so uncontrolled eating leads to horrible weight gain throughout pregnancy. This is absolutely not good, it can leave a series of consequences for mothers and fetuses such as stretch marks, difficulty in birth, premature birth, birth by surgery, … Of course, mothers can not fast, squeeze. balanced by the lack of substances that have a significant effect on the health of both mother and fetus.

A healthy diet, full of science groups necessary for healthy mothers, child comprehensive development is essential. Combined with regular exercise and exercise, mom can control her weight always at a reasonable level.

Beauty during pregnancy

Quite a lot of opinions advise mothers to avoid makeup during pregnancy because it will affect the baby, causing the child to be born unfortunate, … Actually, the makeup during pregnancy is not too abstinent as mothers often listen to other mothers’ rust. Mother is still allowed to beautify during pregnancy to confidently meet people of course, properly beauty, mother.

Besides makeup helps to increase the confidence and radiance for the mother, it is extremely important to look after yourself for this time. Because if the mother during pregnancy is interested in caring for her appearance, she will be less strenuous in regaining the body of her son after giving birth.

There are notes for pregnant mothers in beauty during pregnancy that mothers need to remember. Do not wear heavy makeup, avoid using foundation instead of BB cream, do not use matte lipstick or any type of lipstick containing lead, do not use perfume, remove makeup thoroughly, especially without nail polish and hair dye during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and it will be even more wonderful if you know how to take care of yourself so that you can confidently shine every time, even in your pregnancy.