Beauty after Giving Birth at Home

Along with getting in shape, the same mother should care for the whole body after birth. Due to hormonal changes, women’s skin becomes dry, lumpy, and acne-prone. It takes no time, mothers can beautify after giving birth at home. Let’s perform the following tips to regain your radiant beauty!

Sauna discharge toxins in the skin

Sebaceous glands are the cause of acne. To cleanse the skin, pregnant women should have their face steamed 2-3 times a week. The heat during steaming will help the blood vessels under the skin to expand, increasing circulation and moisture to the face. The following is a recipe for beauty after giving birth at home with a steam bath. 

Lemongrass, lemongrass, and ginger are the favorite facial treatments for women. This is a simple, economical, and effective way. Lemongrass washed and smashed thinly, lemon slices to sliced ​​because when steaming, lemon zest has a very aromatic smell that helps you to partly relax the spirit, reduce stress. However, if you want simpler, you can squeeze lemon juice straight into the pot. Sliced ​​Ginger.

Place the pot of water in front of you and then cover the head with a towel so that the steam rises into your face as much as possible. Allow your face to cool completely, then rinse with clean water, or apply ice to the skin.

Treatment of stretch marks by aloe vera, coconut oil

Preparation: 500ml of coconut oil and 4 bars of fresh aloe vera.

Method: Peel the aloe vera peeled, cut into pieces about 3cm. Put coconut oil in an old hot pan, pour aloe vera into a saucepan and simmer until aloe vera shrinks. Take the oil, remove the aloe vera residue. Wait for the bottle to cool. Every day you apply aloe vera coconut oil to the abdomen to treat stretch marks.

Acne with the breast milk itself

Use breast milk produced during the first 3 days of life. This is milk with many anti-bacterial substances to protect the body. Also, colostrum contains a lot of vitamin A and a high amount of protein. 

Since being pregnant, many mothers have had acne problems that cause rough skin. Try to improve this condition by using breast milk mixed with coconut oil and then apply on the face. Hold and massage for 10 minutes to allow the mixture to penetrate deeply into the skin and rinse with clean water. Use 3 times a week you will see a clear difference.

Drink turmeric honey 

This is a beautiful postpartum beauty formula at home for mothers who give cesarean section. Drinking turmeric with honey brings many uses from the skin, shape, hair, to the digestive system. Mothers after Caesarean section should drink honey turmeric to heal scars faster. You can drink directly by mixing with water. Mothers can make honey turmeric tablets, which are also good for the skin. 

Curcumin extract in turmeric not only helps the body recover faster but also heals wounds. Besides, turmeric also reduces stretch marks caused by pregnancy, childbirth.

Drinking turmeric with honey is the most common and simple way. This is a way to bring many uses from the skin, shape, hair, to the digestive system, intestinal tract, stomach inside the body. Should be taken in the morning after waking up, at least 30 minutes before eating or in the evening 30 minutes before going to bed. Mom should still only maintain 1 teaspoon turmeric powder mixed with a little honey or milk to drink every day without drinking too much.

Cover the mask with white rice bran

Rice bran hand is a simple way to beautify after giving birth at home. Acne during pregnancy often results in darkening after birth. A natural rice bran mask will be a safe recipe for diapers. You can apply this mask right after your steaming. 

The mother only needs to use 2 tablespoons of rice bran mixed with 1 egg white. Mix with 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face for about 15-20 minutes and then wash gently with warm water. Each week made 1-2 times will help beautiful white skin more smooth.

Detox for oily skin at home

In addition to detoxifying the face, the scalp is also a cause of dandruff and hair loss. The beauty formula after giving birth at home to help detoxification is necessary for mothers. You can use coconut milk and fresh lemon to condition your hair. Did you know pure lemon water and coconut will make the hair smoother and no longer split or tangle? Besides, this mixture helps hair more straight. 

Mix lemon juice and coconut milk in a ratio of 1: 1. Let the mixture cool to the fridge until a creamy layer emerges. Then, mix again to make a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture evenly on your hair and comb. Cover your hair with a shower cap and heat dryer around the head for about 10 minutes. Incubate for 1 to 2 hours and then wash with shampoo.

Exercise lightly

Gentle stretching exercises will help mom reduce stress and soreness. In addition to nursing outside, beauty after giving birth at home also comes from within. Mothers should avoid exercising too hard. Instead, do gentle exercises like Yoga and nourishment.

Exercising helps blood flow better so the skin will be rosier. Also, mothers will prevent blood pressure and neck pain in the neck. Abdominal exercises and biceps will help slim the thighs, abdomen, reduce fat. The exercise combined with drinking fruit juice helps to get in shape quickly. 

Drink enough water every day

Water can also be considered as a free cosmetic gift from nature bestowed on the skin. If you don’t want your skin to age prematurely, remember to keep your skin hydrated by drinking water the right way every day.

On average, in a normal adult, the body needs to provide 40ml of water/kg daily according to body weight. Drinking a glass now will help purify the liver and kidneys. Drinking water 30 minutes before breakfast is the best time for water to clean out the impurities in the body

Above are the secrets of beauty after giving birth at home for you. You need to maintain regular habits and care of the body. Restoring skin and physique with natural products will be safe for mom and baby.