7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps1

7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps

To make the eyes always beautiful, only make up can help you. However, not everyone can make up for their beautiful eyes. Understanding your concerns, I immediately introduce 7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps to make your eyes more beautiful.

Prepare the props

  • Beige, pink eyeshadow
  • Bronze eyeshadows
  • Eyeliner / skin
  • White eyeliner
  • Brown eyebrow pencil, or color suitable for your hair
  • Fake eyelashes and eyelashes
  • Mascara7 simple but beautiful eye makeup steps1How to makeup beautiful eyes naturally

    Step 1: Apply chalk to the eyes For those who just know how to make up, be careful not to choose too bright pastels like purple, blue … but choose bright pastel colors to keep your eyes vibrant and bigger. First, use a beige eyeshadow to cover the entire eye, following the dotted line shown in the drawing below, spread the chalk out evenly and spread evenly.

    Step 2: Apply chalk to the eyelids After applying the powder, continue to apply pink powder to the eyelids and close to the eyelashes to make the color on the eyelashes darker.

    Step 3: Create depth for the eyes Use a copper eyeshadow to apply a little depth to the eyes. Use a bronze brush to brush the eyelid across the eyelid from the middle of the iris to the bottom of the eye (following the line below the figure). You should pull out the eyelids a bit to create glamor and make your eyes look bigger.

    Step 4: Eyeliner Eyeliner, you use the eyeliner to draw a long and accurate line from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye (the thin line at the head and tail, wide in the middle or the area near the pupils). Note: For big or small round eyes, the key point is at the tail of the eye, if you line the eye part the thinner the eye is bigger, clearer and vice versa.This is also an important part of the eye makeup. We introduce to you.

    Step 5: Apply chalk to the lower eyelid of the eye After finishing the eyeliner, use a solid color eyeshadow to blend into the lower eyelid, about 1/3 of the eyelid pulled toward the tail. This approach will create more attractive points for your eyes.

    Step 6: Use a white pencil to gently paint on the eyelids To make your eyes naturally beautiful and sparkling, use a soft, white pen to gently fill up the lower half of your lower eyelid. Doing so looks at your eyes very deeply and catches wonderful light.

    Step 7: Makeup your eyebrows If you have long and beautiful eyelashes, skip this step. So the eye makeup is done, you just need to pay attention to your eyebrows a little bit more. You draw the eyebrows very well and match the eye color makeup.

How to Makeup Attractive to Men

How to Makeup Attractive to Men

As a woman, everyone wants to become sparkling when outside. However, it is not easy to have a beautiful and sparkling white face when walking around the city, hanging out with friends or attending a party …

How beautiful natural makeup sparkling

Step 1: Wash your face before applying makeup Before applying makeup, you must clean your face, you can wash your face with a facial cleanser, then dry your face.

Step 2: Determine skin type and choose makeup cream This is considered one of the most important steps of natural makeup, deciding the success or failure of this makeup is determining the skin type of your skin, to choose the right makeup cream. Normally our face skin falls into 3 categories: oily skin, dry skin, oily skin and dry skin.

Oily skin: This is the most distinguishable type of skin, after you have finished washing your face for about 15 minutes, your skin will be shiny and visible in the pores. For this type I recommend you to choose oil-free primer, but for chalk powder, you should use tiny pollen particles because it helps absorb slime quickly and cover pores very well.

Dry skin: You should choose a foundation and foundation cream with high moisturizing and moisturizing properties because it is easy to peel off when it is dry. You also do not need to apply makeup.

Oily and dry skin: Oily skin on the nose and other areas such as cheeks, skin. In my opinion, you should use two makeup creams again.How to Makeup Attractive to Men

Step 3: Apply a primer cream first Apply primer, before proceeding to the makeup remedy you should apply the cream to the face.

Step 4: Apply foundation After finishing the primer, wait 2 to 3 minutes for the cream to absorb, then proceed to apply foundation. Currently on the market there are many types of foundation, so when buying cream you should try the cream that is suitable for your skin by applying the cream on the side of the jaw on the observed face to see if it is appropriate.

After selecting the right foundation, you dab cream on the face and spread it evenly across the face. Note that using a little foundation is just a reminder for those who are learning how to apply natural makeup.How to Makeup Attractive to Men

Step 5: Apply concealer to your face

Step 6: Brush the powder

How to makeup naturally beautiful, use a chalk brush, use makeup brushes to gently brush the hands

Step 7: Eyeliner Eyeliner, notice you apply a little cream to the eye area, use your hand to beat, then choose a brown eyeshadow to paint on the eye sockets, then use the brush to blend naturally. Finally, use an eyeshadow brush to draw very thin eyebrows. Use a clip to curl lashes and apply mascara to comb lashes evenly.

Step 8: Draw the eyebrows Create an eyebrow shape that matches the face and draws a thin line. Draw lead according to the available line. Using a light pen to draw hight light under the eyebrow helps to sharpen the hair.

Step 9: Brush the blush Use powder on 2 cheekbones. Note that you should brush at least ignore it, use the brush to apply all over the cheek.

Step 10: Apply lipstick Before applying lipstick, apply a little moisturizer on your lips to keep your lips dry and always beautiful. Choose lipstick that suits your face and pastel makeup.

Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face5

Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face

Hair is a beauty of the sisters so many girls often have to choose and think about changing a hairstyle to look beautiful and new. But each face will have different hairstyles that will help conceal your flaws and enhance your beauty. Check out the hairstyles for each face below.

  1. Oval face

The oval face is characterized by a balanced face, delicate facial features, soft, suitable for a lot of hair styles, so girls can freely choose their favorite hairstyle.

But to exaggerate the inherent elegance of the oval face, you should choose one of three straight, shoulder-length, curly or traditional bob hairstyles to create its own attraction.Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face5

  1. Round face

The features of a round face are: a broad short jawbone, a short nose and an arched forehead. So to cover its disadvantages, you need to choose a hairstyle that helps the face look longer.

You should choose to have a deflated hair, long straight hair or long staggered bangs. You can also comb it up and tie it up behind your hair to make your face more elegant.Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face5

  1. Heart face

This face has a broad forehead, high cheekbones, but towards the chin is elongated.

You should choose a hairstyle that is moderately long, can be straightened or bobbed at the end of the hair, or have the hair deflected and tied high, which will help create accents on your beautiful eyes and chin.Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face5

  1. Diamond face

Diamond-shaped face characterized by broad cheekbones, narrow forehead, small short.

This face is extremely suitable for short hair personality, but if you want to have long hair, you can still choose a medium-long hairstyle and let the hair deflect or to have a bulge, gentle curly hair.Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face5

  1. Square face

With a square face, you need to choose a hairstyle so that it effectively softens the corners of the face.

You can let your bangs have a naturally long stripe in front of your forehead, have your hair trimmed down to soften the corners of your face effectively, and also curl the tail. Besides, the staggered, trimmed bangs are also quite effective to help the face look more harmonious.Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face5

  1. Rectangular face

This face has a square, wide forehead, long nose and square jaw so choose a soft hairstyle to cover the line next to the jaw.

You can choose a trimmed hairstyles to gently hug your face, or to have long or curled hairstyles, it will help the face less angular. Especially with this face, you should choose to have bangs to cover her wide forehead.Instructions for choosing the right hairstyle for each face5