October 2020

The Secret to Skin Care for Pregnant Women

The Secret to Skin Care for Pregnant Women

A lot of changes are made in the mother’s body during pregnancy. One of the most dramatic changes is that the skin becomes dull, dark, and dull. So how to take care of skin for pregnant women effectively without affecting the baby? Let’s join the following article “hunting” for very useful tips

1. Skin care for pregnant women with acne

Hormonal changes make mother’s skin break out in pimples, look un-aesthetic and make mom feel inferior. At this point, you need to persistently change your habits and diet to effectively nourish your skin. Here are a few things you can consider:

Clean your face regularly

You should wash your face often throughout the day, fixed in the morning and at night with diluted salt water. If you are too busy, you can choose a diluted saline solution, available from pharmacies. Washing the face with salt water is very benign, helping mothers to cleanse the surface of the skin, disinfect and reduce acne significantly.

Get rid of the habit of touching your face

At the same time, many pimples appear at the same time that worries the mother and often touches her face with her hand. This is a bad habit that can spread acne and worsen it, become susceptible to infection, spread to other locations, and leave dark scars.

Spot the pimples with lemon juice

You just squeeze ½ lemon to get water, then use a cotton swab to absorb and apply on the pimple. Every day you should dot continuously 4-5 times and carefully shielded when going out, do not let your skin get sunburned!

Use kola to treat acne

Gotu kola is one of the indispensable ingredients when caring for pregnant women . Gotu kola is very benign and safe, contains many effective nutrients such as Saponin, Asiatic Acid, … which are capable of stimulating the tissues under the skin to regenerate, pushing out acne.

You just need to take the handful of cheeks washed, remove the roots and soak them with salt water, then puree and squeeze the water to apply to the acne. Applying consistently will reduce the uncomfortable swelling and acne skin quickly.

Stop using cosmetics

Pregnant mothers are often not encouraged to use cosmetics, especially mothers with acne. Therefore, you should stop using cosmetics including makeup removers, face cleansers, synthetic masks … to avoid allergies. If using, consult your doctor and choose to buy benign products, natural extracts like organic cosmetics!

2. Skin care for pregnant women with acne

After dealing with the obsession of acne, pregnant mothers have to face with the bruise left by acne if they are not cared for well. Experts advise mothers to use natural ingredients, benign, clear ingredients to fade dark spots during pregnancy. The following are ideal suggestions:

Turmeric starch

Turmeric starch is the “miracle” of women, extremely effective for pregnant women. Turmeric starch helps you have smooth, acne-free skin, does not darken and improves the digestive system.

Mom can choose to drink turmeric starch with a little honey and warm water or apply turmeric powder mask with honey. Turmeric also helps mothers to overcome stretch marks very well.

When using turmeric to drink, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the content. Do not overdo it, it will cause negative consequences and adversely affect the fetus. Ideally mothers should only drink a 200ml cup of warm water with 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder in the morning. Do not drink in addition to other meals of the day.


Aloe vera has cool properties and many moisturizing nutrients, nourishing the skin from within. Mom can use aloe vera juice to make a mask or apply aloe vera directly on the skin to clear blemishes. When using, you should wash and peel thoroughly, not to let the remaining aloe vera peel cause itching and sensitivity on the skin.

Aloe vera mask will work better if you combine it with fresh milk or sugar-free yogurt.

3. How to take care of stretch marks after giving birth at home

Stretching is always the first obsession of pregnant mothers. Because during pregnancy, you need to eat a lot to supplement nutrition for the fetus. A heavier fetal weight causes the skin to stretch and cause cracks. Mom is prone to stretch marks in skin areas such as buttocks, abdomen, thighs … Stretch marks are difficult to heal and need a lot of effort to recover.

Many opinions advise mothers to apply cream or oil to treat stretch marks. However, mothers should pay attention to choosing appropriate products, benign and quality sources. Some commonly used oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, pistachio fat … These are all effective ingredients, provide good moisture, and prevent skin from itching and discomfort. You just need to massage with the above oils 1-2 times a day will limit stretch marks.

When massage, mothers should pay attention to apply from under the abdomen up, avoid applying circles that will endanger the baby.

4. Note when using cosmetics during pregnancy

Skin care pregnant women need to use sunscreen

In fact, very few cosmetic products are allowed during pregnancy. However, mothers should still maintain the basic skincare step of applying sunscreen before going out. Sunscreen is an essential protective film to prevent mothers from symptoms such as pigmentation, darkening and darkening.

When using sunscreen, mothers should also be cautious and should note the following:

  • Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or higher
  • Only choose creams with mineral ingredients or physical sunscream, do not choose to use products containing oxybenzone because it will affect the weight of the fetus. In addition, oxybenzone and avobenzone are substances that adversely affect the hormones of pregnant women.
  • Mom should apply sunscreen from 2-3 hours / time or more if she has to go out regularly and get a lot of sun exposure.
  • Sunscreens containing titanium dioxide are often found in the form of spay creams. When pregnant mothers spray this sunscreen, if inhaled the product’s water jet will harm the health of mother and baby.
  • In particular, you should avoid choosing a non-nano type sunscreen because these products contain a lot of zinc diffusing UV rays. You should note that choosing sunscreen ingredients containing minerals will be safer for your health.

Sunscreen is really necessary for pregnant mothers. Due to pregnancy hormones, mothers are more prone to acne due to oily skin. So, mothers should choose an oil-free sunscreen that helps alkaline skin and is always dry, not uncomfortable, especially not causing acne.

Remove make-up before bed – a simple way to care for pregnant women

Although it is just a form of daily sunscreen, pregnant mothers should remove makeup before going to bed. Make-up remover will help remove the oil layer on the skin and the chemicals that are deposited under the bristles. As a result, skin will have air to breathe and recover better when sleeping.

Use a cleanser made from natural ingredients

One of the ways of skin care for pregnant women is indispensable to wash your face. You should choose to wash with milk containing natural ingredients such as green tea leaves, herbal essential oils … The cleansing step is usually done immediately after removing makeup.

After removing make-up, mom gently washed her face under cold running water. Massage your face clockwise to smooth and firm your facial muscles.

When washing her face, she should note:

  • Choose a cleanser with natural ingredients like aloe vera, oats and essential oils.
  • Choose to use a cleanser for the purpose of cleansing the skin, not choosing products with whitening properties or acne treatment. Because most of this cosmetic group contains accutane, retin-a or tetracycline, it is easy to harm the fetus.

Moisturize skin with toner

To have beautiful and smooth skin during pregnancy, you should cleverly combine moisturizer with toner. If your face is dry or oily, the toner is still an essential product. Toner helps provide enough moisture to keep mother’s skin healthy and repels dark spots.

However, mothers should not choose an alcohol-containing toner that will irritate sensitive skin, especially the first months of pregnancy.

Natural masking

During pregnancy, moms can take a little time to nourish their skin with masks with natural ingredients. Applying a mask is both relaxing and providing essential nutrients to the skin. Some natural masks are beneficial for pregnant women such as:

Milk, turmeric and honey mask

The main ingredient of this mixture is turmeric. This is a mask that helps smooth, healthy skin and especially cures hormonal bruises.

Aloe mask

Use fresh aloe vera, peel it off and cut it into thin slices, then apply it to the skin within 5 minutes. In the end, you just need to rinse your face to see that your skin is much smoother and softer.

Egg yolk and honey mask

You use egg yolks mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey and then apply evenly on your face. Leave the mixture on your skin for 10 minutes, then rinse your face thoroughly. Apply regularly, your skin will be white and pink and smooth like a peeled egg.

Apply moisturizer to your face before going to bed

Skin care for pregnant women must include the step of applying lotion before bed. Applying a cream is usually the last step to complete the skincare routine, ensuring your skin is hydrated and recovers well at night.

You should rely on your skin type to choose a cream. If you have dry skin, a cream with a high consistency should be used. Conversely, mothers with oily skin and acne should choose a liquid cream or serum line to avoid uncomfortable stinking. For pregnant women with acne, acne creams that do not contain azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics are the most ideal to choose from.

With the above steps in skin care for pregnant women, you must have found your own secret to take care of your skin every day, right? Do not hesitate but do it right away to soon have a smooth, beautiful skin, even when pregnant.

5. Some notes for comprehensive skin care for pregnant women

Here are some tips for mothers to take care of their skin perfectly:

Healthy eating

A good, nutritious diet will help your skin become rosy and smoother. Pregnant mothers should supplement many vitamins from fruits and oils from whole grains.

Get a good rest

During pregnancy, mothers feel discomfort, pressure and sleeplessness. These signs will change hormones and cause acne, dry, rough skin … So, you should relax more, exercise suitable sports like yoga for pregnant women to feel refreshed. , skin adds vitality.

Choose the right cosmetics

Mom should consider using cosmetics, choose quality cosmetics and good for both mother and baby. Avoid cosmetics that contain the following ingredients:

  • Paraben.
  • Petroleum.
  • Propylene or butylene glycol.
  • Lauryl sodium sulfate.

6. Skin care for pregnant women at Spa

Should pregnant women go to spa skin care for pregnant women? This is the question of many women during pregnancy. Because this is a tired period and there is a “decline” in beauty due to hormonal changes. With the desire to always exist in every woman, many spas have opened up to meet the needs. However, that also brings a lot of controversy.

Advantages and disadvantages of spa for pregnant women

Many pregnant mothers enjoy mud baths and relaxing massages at the spa. However, if you are in pregnancy, is it possible to apply? In fact, it is very difficult to answer this question precisely because the safety of prenatal spa skincare depends heavily on therapy and quality. For example, if you use a gentle facial care and relaxation package, it will definitely not endanger your baby’s health.

However, if you choose to take a mud bath, seaweed bath or other body whitening treatments, your mother will have a high risk of facing the harmful agent. Similar to the use of a sauna, hot tub or other relaxation techniques causes the body temperature to rise. These are factors that can harm your unborn baby.

What to note when going to the spa skin care for pregnant women?

Mothers can feel more comfortable when going to the spa for pregnant women if they “lie down” with the following tips:

  • Careful consultation before each treatment: Clearly state your pregnancy period with spa staff for advice on service packages and choose the right essential oils and cosmetics. Regardless of any course of study, you should always ask the counselor.
  • Consider when applying reflexology: Acupressure is one of the effective fatigue reduction therapies. However, when done with pregnant women, this method can adversely affect the fetus if it affects some acupuncture points in a special position.
  • Gentle massage: When massaging pregnant women, most of the staff mainly use gentle movements such as rubbing, stroking, day, .. to positions such as head, neck, nape and back hips. If you see a staff having strong back massage such as clapping, gradually, punching … and strong muscle stretching techniques in your arms, spine, leg joints, pelvis, … you should ask to stop immediately. These are inappropriate movements, which can harm both mother and fetus
  • Lie in the right position: Most of the spa skin care for pregnant women have dedicated beds. If you work at a small spa, there is no massage bed for pregnant women, pay attention to the posture. Do not lie on your stomach during the entire procedure, instead, lie on your left or right side.
  • Considerations when applying the method of increasing body temperature: Any treatment related to body temperature such as sauna, massage bath, mud bath, mineral bath … are in the group of taboo beauty methods. during pregnancy. If you intend to wax during pregnancy, mothers should do it by natural methods at home, should not use other chemical measures, especially in the “dense forest”.

Looking for spa skin care for pregnant women need to pay attention to what?

If you intend to spa skin care for pregnant women, mothers should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Choosing a specialized beauty spa for pregnant mothers, ensuring prestige and quality.
  • Equip with knowledge of cosmetics for pregnant mothers to know which ones to use and which ones on the list should be limited.
  • Check the products carefully when they are done by the staff, do not be subjective with massage essential oils!
  • Avoid aggressive skin treatments, especially on the abdomen, as the abdominal skin is very soft and sensitive at this time.
  • Mother should be careful with the steam methods because it will easily cause the mother to have a lot of white blood, accompanied by the risk of infection. Besides, the high temperature steam will easily make the mother dizzy and faint.
  • If you do massage, do not massage more than 20% of the surface area of ​​the skin, especially focus on the abdomen.
  • Limit cosmetic abuse in the first 3 months of pregnancy. If it is necessary to use, should choose organic, benign cosmetics with natural ingredients.

Skin care for pregnant women not only helps mothers to be confident at all times of pregnancy but also makes it easier for mothers to “recover” their beauty after giving birth. Hope the information in the article has helped you get great tips. Wish you successful application!

12 Foods for Pregnant Women to Sleep Well

12 Foods for Pregnant Women to Sleep Well

Tryptophan is an amino acid the body needs to produce the sleep-inducing substances serotonin and melatonin. There are a number of foods that are high in tryptophan and will help you fall asleep faster.

1. Warm milk

Some scientists believe that a cup of warm milk before bed helps you to sleep because the milk contains small amounts but the amount of tryptophan (85mg / 1 cup of milk) is still significant. However, you should limit yourself as drinking too much will make you feel depressed at night.

2. Cheese

A small piece of cheese contains almost twice the tryptophan found in milk (140mg). In addition, like milk, cheese is rich in calcium (a mineral that helps the body produce melatonin). Note that a full meal or snack too close to bedtime can wake you up, try a piece of cheese 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

3. Bread

Carbohydrates stimulate insulin release; thus, eliminating some amino acids that are rival to tryptophan. In other words, when you eat tryptophan-rich foods like a slice of toast (or other whole grain food), your brain is plentiful with amino acids that soothe your brain. Whole grains also contain B vitamins, which help convert tryptophan into serotonin.

4. Butter

Tryptophan is present naturally in nearly all protein foods, including butter snacks. Spread butter on the bread, drink with warm milk and… wait. It takes about 1 hour for trytophan levels to rise in the brain. During that time, you can relax by reading.

5. Banana

This popular fruit is full of tryptophan and natural sugars, which promote serotonin production, plus magnesium that keeps muscles relaxed. If you sleep apnea? According to researchers from the University of New England, yellow fruits contain a number of compounds that may help clear the throat (a temporary throat blockage is a common symptom of sleep apnea).

6. Soy milk

If you are allergic to cow’s milk? Soy milk contains a useful ” medicinal dose ” of trytophan and carbohydrates and calcium needed to increase serotonin and melatonin production. Tofu offers similar benefits.

7. Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs for breakfast or before bedtime snacks. One egg contains about 180mg of tryptophan. Because eggs are high in protein; Therefore, eat eggs with carbohydrate rich foods such as bread. If eaten alone, the amino acids in egg proteins reduce tryptophan.

8. Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains a small amount of melatonin (a hormone-like substance that helps regulate sleep).

9. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are rich in tryptophan. Choose sesame crackers and breads for a good night’s sleep.

10. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain natural tryptophan and magnesium, which is what you need for relaxation and sleep. Just about 30g pumpkin seeds, contains up to 151mg magnesium (pumpkin seeds are one of the richest magnesium foods available.

Pumpkin seeds also contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamins B, zinc, vitamins C, D, E and K.

11. Cherries

Cherries contain small amounts of the hormone melatonin. Try a slice of toast with dried cherries or simply eat a small bowl of fresh cherries about an hour before bedtime.

Cherries are also a rich source of beta carotene (19 times more than blueberries, strawberries), vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate.

12. Ice cream

Experts find that foods high in carbohydrates and calcium, medium or low in protein, can induce sleep. And ice cream is one of them. Ice cream is a popular cold treat and contains tryptophan, calcium, and dairy proteins, plus added sugar carbohydrates. Add some dried fruit or sprinkle almonds over the cream. With taste, pregnant women should choose vanilla because chocolate chip ice cream contains caffeine.